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Whether you are a professional need to understand digital marketing, entrepreneur to maximize online channels for your business promotions, traditional marketers or students to fast track your marketing career, enter in digital world or to increase your job opportunities, this Digital marketing course is for you.

We expect participants of this course to start working independently as internet marketing experts. We avail with you an introduction to key digital marketing specializations from mobile marketing, social media marketing, email marketing to PPC and SEO.

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s a technique of marketing of products and service to reach mass customers via digital mediums basically through internet but also include mobile phones, display advertising, social media, television and radio channels.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about connecting with the right audience. In today’s scenario, more or less every person is connected to digital media in a way or the other, digital marketing serves a way to connect to right user and the convenience of time he or she wants. Unlike traditional marketing this new platform provides with 24*7 information about the product and services and has been fruitful for customer and business as well.

Website planning and creation

It refers to researching, analysing and framing an optimal website which fits to the industry requirement and niche.

Planning also draw in selection of tolls and pages for the website.


A practise that increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a website by using natural or organic methods such as content and interactiness.


Using various media channels to create awareness or publicise one’s brand or products or services. Best way to do is using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


A course of rationalising or optimising one’s website so that it can be made public on various media channels.


A type of internet marketing which is used for website visibility using paid medium.

  • PPC: PPC is an abbreviation for PAY Per Click, a marketing tool used for promoting one’s website or business. It is an advertising model in which advertisers pay each time when their ad gets clicked by the user.
    1. CPC: an advertisement model used to get more traffic to one’s website, in this advertiser pay to publisher of content for every click he/she gets.
    2. CPM: an advertisement model used to get more traffic to one’s website, in this advertiser pay to publisher of ad for every time ad gets displayed.
Banner Advertising

A form of advertising in which an advertisement is encompassed on a web page. It is used to increase traffic on a website by displaying banner on another website.

Network Marketing

A marketing strategy used to sale products or services by non-paid participants. Here the revenue is generated by the pyramid system commission.

Referral Marketing

A method to sale out products or services to new clients thorough referrals or we can say via word of mouth.

Viral Marketing

A marketing technique that uses existing social media channels to increase brand presence and achieve marketing objectives.

Affiliate Marketing

It is performance based marketing in which affiliates are rewarded for the sales of product or service.

Email Marketing

Marketing by sending commercial message to current or potential customers and converting it into sales.

Content marketing

Marketing approach which is based on creating and delivering valuable, pertinent content to target audience as to convert new and retain existing customers and fulfil marketing objectives.

Mobile Marketing

A marketing approach to reach the target audience through their smartphones, tablets, etc. via sms, websites or any other social media channels.

Local SEM

A marketing technique which is used by local business to target nearby areas to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Search Analytics

It is use of search data to analyse interaction of web users with search engines and the resulting analysis helps in optimising SEO and SEM.

Web Analytics

It is process of finding or analysing user behaviour on a website. The analysis helps in optimising web usage.

Behavioural Marketing

It is marketing technique used by advertisers, to gain insight of user need by analysing his/hes search history and display them ads accordingly.

Search Marketing

A marketing technique to gain traffic and visibility from search engines using both paid and non paid methods.

Display Marketing

An advertising technique used by advertisers to display ads or messages on third part websites or search engines.

Video Marketing

An advertising technique used by advertisers to create brand awareness, product awareness so as to generate sales and attract more audience to their website.

Apps Marketing

A marketing strategy used to promote, create awareness of the brand, to generate sales using apps. Advertisers pay third parties to get their apps downloaded by the users.

Blog/Content Marketing

A process to promote one’s company, brand, products, services by writing blogs and other promotional articles.

We design and develop our courses as per the standards that define digital skills required for all professionals. We deliver best practices, theory and applied skills.

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